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Your entry platform to your debt recovery needs

Credit providers regard ADRA as beneficial to the debt recovery industry and in protecting their interests in general; they choose to deal with ADRA members in terms of servicing the recovery of their accounts receivables. 

  • ADRA will provide credit providers with the peace of mind that a professional industry safety net exists to enforce the professionalism, values and ethics as announced herein.

  • ADRA will assist your procurement department (private and public sector) by providing advice and assistance in implementing effective procurement policies, strategies and decisions in managing your accounts receivables.

  • ADRA will assist you in publishing directly to suitably qualified and positioned service providers the sale of your debtors-books and/or your call for a show of interest in participation in the management of your accounts receivable portfolio.

  • ADRA will make available a comprehensive and up to date database of its members reflecting critical information such as members physical footprint, capacity, experience and expertise and compliance with requirements such as BBBEE status and tax clearance with SARS.

  • ADRA will assist in amicably and expeditiously resolving disputes between your consumers and contracted ADRA members acting on your behalf and, should the need arise, concerns directed to us by you, the client.  

  • Invitation - Due to our shared interests and objectives, ADRA Membership is available to reputable credit providers (private and public sector) and/or their internal debt collection divisions. 

ADRA Management and Members commitment to elevated levels of professionalism and ethical behaviour. 

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Creditors are welcome to request assistance or pose any question to ADRA

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Company NameWork PhoneWebsite AddressYour e-mail addressProvince
Karliff Designs011 433 3292www.karliffdesigns.co.zaadmin@karliffdesigns.co.zaGauteng
Finger Attorneys067 352 8227admin1@fingerinc.co.zaFree State
MBD Legal Collections011 560 6406www.mbd.co.zajenniferw@tcriskservices.co.zaGauteng
National Debt Connection012 940 5657linda@ndcdebt.co.zaGauteng
Blue House Collections010 099 053estelle@bluehc.co.zaGauteng
The Fiesty Collections012 555 0170info@thefiestycollections.co.zaNorth West
EColls (Pty) Ltd011 724 5672telanep@nudebt.co.zaGauteng
Batho Pele Legal Services (Pty) Ltd011 749 3020www.bplegal.co.zaanesh@bplegal.co.zaGauteng
Colmed Debt Administration (Pty) Ltd021 140 2000www.colmeddebt.co.zamarc@colmeddebt.co.zaWestern Cape
Saya Recoveries (Pty) Ltd0828281306www.saya.co.zamornay@saya.co.zaGauteng
2 T Innovation Business Consulting012 682 8955tjkekana@yahoo.comNorth West
Blue Ocean Collection Services (Pty) Ltd011 304 6400marinda.lowe@blueoceancs.co.za Gauteng
VNH Credit Management (Pty) Ltd 033 355 3100www.venns.co.zaasha@venns.co.zaKwaZulu-Natal
Double M Medprac Solutions 087 654 0475www.doublem.co.zapulane@doublem.co.zaGauteng
Guzana Attorneys017 843 1790lwazi@guzanaattorneys.co.zaMpumalanga
SL Debt Recovery SA (Pty) Ltd011 244 8800www.slrecovery.co.zaevance@slrecovery.co.zaGauteng
Moroka Attorneys Inc051 447 2460ida@moroka.co.zaFree State
Debtserve068 548 1950collections@debtserve.co.zaEastern Cape
JRB Recoveries (Pty) Ltd011 678 1284www.jrblegaldebt.combronwyn@jrblegal.co.zaGauteng
KLE Indemnity Solutions087 510 2498www.keylifeexperience.co.zaKefentse@kleinsurance.co.zaGauteng

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