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The home and voice of the professional debt collection industry

ADRA was established in 1988 and has grown to become the undoubted home and voice of the professional debt collection industry in South Africa.

As a non-profit company duly incorporated in terms of Section 21 of the Companies Act, ADRA is the industry representative of the vast majority of the formal debt collection industry. ADRA represents the interest of entities practising debt collection. Its membership consists of in excess of 220 professional debt collection entities including entities registered in terms of the Debt Collectors Act, law firms registered in terms of the Attorneys Act specialising in debt collection and large credit providers with internal debt recovery divisions and/or a vested interest in the debt collection industry, including JSE listed entities.

ADRA establishes and maintains the positive reputation of the debt recovery industry and its membership in particular through education, advocacy, services and the enforcement of standard beyond the entry level minimum standards dictated by law.

ADRA seeks to promote the debt recovery industry as a responsible and significant participant in the credit life cycle, acting in the interests of both credit providers and debtors. ADRA's body of members jointly employs in excess of 20 000 individuals. During the previous financial year our joint activities result in an estimated annual national debt reduction on behalf of the private and public sector in the amount of R23.57BN.

As recognised representative of the professional debt collection industry, ADRA maintains prominent representation on the Board of Directors of the statutory industry regulator, the Council for Debt Collectors and various other bodies in which ADRA has taken the lead in protecting the industry's interest in legislative amendments and judicial proceedings.

ADRA is managed by a National Board of ten directors elected on an annual basis by its body of members. ADRA is managed in strict compliance with its Constitution, The King III Report on Corporate Governance, its value system and its Public Commitment to stakeholders.

Lonmin Ltd and Others versus CG Steyn Inc t/a Steyn Attorneys and Others


ADRA was cited as Respondent in this High Court application in its capacity as representative of the debt collection industry with an interest in the outcome of the above High Court application.
In essence, the applicants seek to further define a magistrate's duties in considering an emoluments attachment order and the documentation a creditor/attorney need to file in an emoluments attachment application as well as a declaratory order on whether legal costs (pre and post judgement) are to be included in the calculation of the statutory in duplum rule as contained in section 103(5) of the National Credit Act.
Click on the links below to view the application:
Notice of Motion
Founding Affidavit Part 1
Founding Affidavit Part 2
(Take note that the first page of this last attachment is filed out of place)
First Respondent's Notice in terms of Rule 6(5)(d)(iii)
Answering Affidavit: Law Society of the Northern Province
Answering Affidavit: National Credit Regulator.


With Adv. D. Van Loggerenberg (SC) and Adv. Jacques Malan

Join us for a business breakfast on 10 March 2017 at the Blue Valley Golf Estate with the leading industry experts on the emoluments attachment order process, the effect of recent High Court and Constitutional Court judgements and the parties rights in applications for the setting aside of EAO's and refunds to consumers and how to manage such applications most effectively.


Ample opportunity will be granted for questions to Counsel from the floor.


Do not miss out on this opportunity to obtain the views of leading legal experts.


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stellenbosch legal aid clinic vs minister of justice and 18 others

Representing the industry - Keeping the industry updated

ADRA applied to be admitted as Respondent to the matter in protecting its members interests.  The consequences of declaring parts of section 65J of the Magistrates' Courts Act unconstitutional in so far as it stipulates that a clerk must grant consent judgements and consent emoluments attachment orders and back dating the effect of such order of constitutional invalidity would have had catastrophic consequences for the debt collection industry, the credit industry and the economy of the country.


ADRA succeeded in its Constitutional Court appeal in averting this danger.  On 13 September 2016 the Constitutional Court over-turned the judgement of the court-a-quo in this respect and ordered that the order of constitutional invalidity will have no retrospective effect whatsoever and will apply prospectively from 13 September 2016 onwards.

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