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May debt collectors recover debt during the Covid 19 lockdown?


YES.  Government placed restrictions only on the movement of individuals and not on the form of business which may be performed during the lockdown.  In fact, it is in the national interest that business and with that, the national economy be disrupted as little as possible.


But debt collection is not classified as an “essential service”?

All that this mean is that debt collection entities are not exempted from the traveling restrictions imposed by the emergency regulations.  Debt collection entities may not work from their normal business premises but are encouraged to work from home.


Many debt collection companies provided their staff with the ability to work from home.  There are thousands of debt collectors communicating with consumers from their home offices, which is not only legal, but encourages.

Why should I pay my debt during this crisis?

If you can pay your debt or, pay a reduced installment, do so.  Paying your debt has never been as important as it is now.  Some of the most important benefits includes:
1.       Qualify for loans and credit.  Especially during these difficult times, you and your family might require a loan or other form of credit to pay for necessary expenses.  A poor credit record will effectively prevent you from obtaining any credit.
2.       Qualify for the payment holidays offered by most financial institutions.  All payment holidays are made available only to consumer who are up to date with their debt repayments.  Not paying your debt will prevent you from receiving payment holidays.
3.       Support the national economy and cause.  If the South African economy fails, we all fail.  Your payment help keep businesses open, which in turn prevent unnecessary job losses.


Local and central government and companies contributing to the financial well-being of South Africa and all its citizen are now more than ever dependent upon each citizen to act responsibly and, do his or her part.  It is not only our responsibility to curb the spread of this devastating pandemic, but to  ensure that our country and citizens survive the economic impact of this terrible pandemic.  All consumers are encouraged to act responsibly and pay their debt in so far as reasonably possible.  Without consumers paying their debt, many businesses will not survive this pandemic.  Many South Africans will lose their jobs.  There will be no money available to fight this pandemic and for South Africa to return to normal once this pandemic is finally beaten.
What should I do if I really cannot afford to pay my debt?


Speak to your debt collector.  We are all consumers and in this together.  Creditors and debt collectors understand that their consumers might experience financial difficulty, especially during this national and global crisis. Debt collectors have the exact same concerns in their private lives.

Your debt collector is there to assist you through this difficult time.  Speak to them.  Explain your situation and provide the information and/or documentation required to enable your debt collector to assist you.

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ADRA was established in 1988 and has grown to become the undoubted home and voice of the professional debt collection industry in South Africa.

As a non-profit company and professional association, ADRA is the industry representative of the vast majority of the formal debt collection industry. ADRA establishes and maintains the positive reputation of the debt recovery industry and its membership through education, advocacy, services and the enforcement of an elevated Code of Conduct.

ADRA seeks to promote the debt recovery industry as a responsible and significant participant in the credit life cycle.  As recognised representative of the professional debt collection industry, ADRA has taken the lead in advancing the industry in a balanced and responsible manner.


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A new debit order system to be launched in South Africa

Most consumers prefer paying accounts and arrear debt instalments via debit order.  It is a safe, cheap and easy option.  Speak to your debt collector about the option of paying your instalments via debit order and DebiCheck.

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adra constitution

ADRA is duly incorporated Section 21 Company existing not for gain but to serve the occupational needs of its membership.  ADRA is governed by a comprehensive constitution containing its objectives, organisational structures and rights and obligations of the association, its management structures and its individual members.


ADRA members unconditionally and irrevocably adopt this Constitution and by accepting membership undertake to uphold not only the letter of the constitution but the spirit and ethos of ADRA.

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ADRA Code of conduct

The ADRA Code of Conduct contains the basic guide to conduct expected members towards ADRA, its clients, consumers and the public in general as well as the disciplinary procedure to be followed should a breach of the Constitution and/or Code of Conduct ne alleged.  Likewise by accepting ADRA membership, members unconditionally and irrevocably undertake to abide by the Code of Conduct and hold itself bound not only to the letter of the code but the spirit and ethos it encompasses.

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