ADRA management


The ADRA Board of Directors

Stephen Lindsay (President); Marina Short (Vice-President); Tracey Swart (Treasurer); Ronel Lewies (Legal officer), Jurgens Wessels (Director); Marius Jonker (CEO);

Absent on photo: Marius Smith (Immediate Past President); Lee-Ann Dhori (Director); Riandi Maree (Director); Mkuseli Fipaza (Director); Deon van As (Director)

HONORARY members

In recognition of exemplary service over an extended period of time

Clyde Johnston
Clyde Johnston
Eugene Joubert
Eugene Joubert

ADRA office

Marius Jonker (Chief Executive Officer) and Colin Carmichael (Secretary)

marius jonker 1 1
Colin Carmichael
Colin Carmichael

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