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KING III REPORT The A-Z on corporate governanceKing JA
DTI GUIDE TO THE COMPANIES ACTDTI official guide to the new companies actDTI
CORPORATE LAW SYMPOSIUMIndepth study of various critical aspects of corporate law.Astrid Ludin 
Commissioner: CIPC
COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF CH.6 OF COMPANIES ACTIndepth study of Business Rescue.Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz
DISSERTATION - IN DUPLUM RULEIndepth analysis of the Section 103(5) read with Section 1 (b)-(g) o fthe National Credit ActUniversity of Pretoria etd, Vessio ML (2006)
A GUIDE TO DTI INCENTIVE SCHEMESGuide to financial insentives offered especially small and medium size enterprises.

DTI and Deloitte

SA INVESTOR'S HANDBOOK 2012/2013Part 1 - Understand the economic, political and socio-economic environment you operate inDTI and Deloitte
SA INVESTOR'S HANDBOOK 2012/2013Part 2 - Understand the economic, political and socio-economic environment you operate in

DTI and Deloitte

Debt Collection Against a Deregistered Close Corporation of Company What to do if your debtor does not legally exist? Do the owners of the business become personally liable


Promise to pay - prolonging prescriptionWhen does an acknowledgement of debt and undertaking to pay constitute a negotiable instrument extending prescription to 6 years.


Protection of Personal Information Bill - What does it mean for law practiseApplies mutatis mutandiss to debt collection companies


The money or the box: Perspectives on
reckless credit in terms of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005
In-depth discussion of the reckless credit provisions contained in the NCA


Separating the baby and the bath water
Garnishee and emoluments attachment orders
Discussion on the merits oof the BASA/Treasury joint statement on the desirability of EAO's


Service of court process by social mediaEmbracing technology in the service of legal process


Suretyship and debt reviewWhat effect may debt review have on suretyship agreements and sureties thems


The Incidence of and Undesirable Practices Relating to "Garnishee Orders"

A Follow Up Report

In-Depth study of the law and practices associated with emoluments attachment orders.

University of Pretoria Law Crinic

SA Law Reform Commission - Discussion Paper 126 - Prescription Periods

Comprehensive exposition, discussion and investigation into prescription aimed at potential amendments to the Prescription Act. Document prepared by an esteemed panel of judges, senior advocates and academics.  The proposed amendments appear at the end of this document.

 SA Law Reform Commission

Guidelines for Enforcing Money Judgements Abroad

A Guide on procedure and practice in enforcing a judgement obtained in one country but enforced in another.  If you do manage cross border collections this is a must read.

Business Law Section of the International Bar Association



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