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high court judgements

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Case NameDiscription of Content

ABSA Bank Limited vs Hendrik Jacobus Burmeister and Others 2004 SCA

The prohibition against the attachment of Pension Fund/Retirement Annuity

ABSA Bank Limited vs Lombard 2005 SCA

Increase and decrease of contractual interest rate when prime lending rate increase and/or decrease. Duty of bank to decrease when prime lending date decrease and noot just increase when prime lending rate increases.

ATB Chartered Accountants (SA) vs Bonfiglio 2010 SCA

When does prescription begin to run.

ABSA Limited vs Lombard Insurance Company Limited 2012 SCA


First Rand Bank Limited vs Lombard Insurance Company Limited 2012 SCA

Does payment of debt with stolen money discharge such debt or is the creditor of such debt unduly enriched when paid with stolen money.

African Bank Limited vs Additional Magistrate Myambo NO and Others 2009

So-called: African Bank Declaratory Order. Is a Section 58 undertaking valid when enforcing a debt in terms of the National Credit Act and declaratory order on related provisions of the NCA and Magistrates Courts Act.

National Credit Regulator v Nedbank and OthersNCA declaratory order clarifying various critical issues, including the statutory in duplum rule.  National Credit Act 34 of 2005 - interpretation of ss 86(2), 86(7) and (8), 87, 129 and 103(5).
Nedbank & Others v national Credit Regulators and Others (SCA)Appeal to case above.
FIRSTRAND BANK LTD v VUSI EMMANUEL MVELASEWhether a credit provider may enforce a credit agreement after terminating debt review proceedings in the Magistrates' Court in terms of s 87 (10) of the National Credit Act No 34 of 2005 (the NCA). Can a notice in terms of s 86 (10) lawfully terminate the debt review pending before a Magistrates' Court?


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